October 20, 2010

Screen printing with kids...

Yesterday, we did screen printing with a friend. Olivia had a circle template cut out of contact paper and then cut out the shapes she wanted to put in the center. She said "There's a 7 and an eight because I'm going to turn and's about math."
Hannah worked within a rectangular format and made an owl.
Later, as the kids played and the adults talked, I mentioned my dad having Parkinson's disease. Turns out that Dave's mom was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's and Angela's uncle has it too...and underwent the DBS (deep brain stimulation). What causes this...the mercury in vaccinations or fillings? the pesticides? is it genetic? So many questions and I was very touched by an assignment my 9 year old had last week for which she wrote about how she would like to cure Parkinson's.


GretchenJoanna said...

I love the shirt creations! What fun.

Two of my best friends have Parkinson's Disease, and what a challenge for the whole family. I'm fascinated by how the different families cope - or don't - with the difficulties.

elizabeth said...


How lovely it would be to have a cure for Parkinsons.

Love to you.

Meadowlark Days said...

Love the t-shirts. I've done screen printing with freezer paper but contact paper sounds like it might be a little going to look into it.

My mom has Alzheimer's - praying for God's mercy for all of us.

H West said...

Those t-shirts are AWESOME!

Jeannette said...

Your post illustrates one of the endearing aspects of reading each other's blogs;
the light touch... as you share the fun and creativity of a project you drop like a balm the heart hope of a child... sweet encouragement indeed packed into this little missive.

Stacey said...

Hello Martha-
The shirts look awesome!
That is so sweet that your daughter
wrote that!

Brigitte said...

the girls are very artistic like their mom!