July 13, 2011

Yarn along...summertime!

I crocheted a purple cat and kitten...just need to find my embroidery needle and sew a face and buttons is the blog with the "yarn along": first sunflower blossom!
I took this picture of our garden 2 weeks ago...we've been eating lettuce out of it, onions, green beans, peas and red potatoes. We've been finding quite a few praying mantis in our garden. It seems they are just as curious about us as we are them, turning their triangular head and looking right at us...This is what our garden looks like now...a bit wild and overgrown. I just pulled out some beets and Rob got 3 nice cucumbers! I plucked off 10 squash blossoms (on the right) and stuffed them with herbed goat cheese yesterday. Yum. Growing them is easy, and you'll get great squash, too...someplaces, you can buy them! I am looking forward to our tomatoes...there are lots of green ones right now. Hopefully soon! What's growing in your yard?Oh, and here's a video of the hula-hoopers. Even I enjoy hula-hooping.


elizabeth said...

love the pictures! summer time can be beautiful :)

Jeannette said...

your hula girls brought me a dearly needed smile. thank you

Jen @ Wife, "Mom", Knitter said...

They look like they're having so much fun with those hula hoops.

It's something I wish I was better at. ;-)

Marfa said...

Yep, the hula mom said she really liked that, too. We should make a hula hoop contest just for fun:
Can you imagine hula hooping for 10 hours? A little 8 year old girl, Mary Jane Freeze did in 1976.

Xen Xen said...

Love this post! Everything is so summery and lovely! The crafts look great too, I think I will check it out, thanks!