August 24, 2011

Yarn along...and patch!

I crocheted a bunny 2 years ago, intending it for Isaac (my nephew), my sister and her husband are expecting their son in the photo book...but ended up giving it to Olivia and making Isaac a elephant. Now, she's expecting her second son in January and I hope to crochet him an animal friend...what will this be?

This is the patch my cousin Beth sewed on the bag on the back of her Harley. I love it!!!
Rob rode his motorcycle over to my parent's house, while we drove to have lunch there and visit with Beth who has been on a 3 week trip out west (to Yellowstone and Bozeman)...then he drove it to work, which he often does, saving gas $, because it gets like 50 miles per gallon, our Toyota Echo gets about 35 miles per gallon and our Toyota 4Runner gets more like 25 miles per gallon. Gas is now about $3.45 per gallon here. Makes me want to just ride my pedal bicycle everywhere. What's it like where you are?


Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

The little animal will be very cute, I am sure. Gas here is... well... EXPENSIVE. Hah! It makes us glad we are a one car family right now.

Mistea said...

Cute little critter you are making there, can't wait to see him all done.
Gas is way more expensive down here!