January 2, 2012


My little sister, Andrea, and her husband welcomed a new little boy their home. I wish I'd had a home-birth, as it seems so much more peaceful and relaxing. I remember being happy, yet so exhausted when I had my girls in the hospital. Nurses would come and take my vitals just as soon as I would fall asleep. I thank God for healthy babies, and eventually I caught up on my sleep...Speaking of health...I wish my dad had better health. He didn't get to see the baby, yet...he has had a very difficult day, my mom said when I called them up. Hopefully they will go tomorrow. Dyskinesia is getting much so that Dad is balding because he moves his head back and forth so much. Parkinson's is really horrible. I think of it as the demons attacking him, because his soul is close to God...he loves the church so much and is very humble, not proud, of course he's not perfect, but compassionate, understanding and thinks of salvation . I will never forget when I was having the most trouble in my own life and he was so kind and positive, helped me more than he will ever know. This is the big brother, Isaac, who came over to our house for lunch and to play in the snow...and give his parents a little time to rest. The snow was lovely and great for making snowballs! We made vegetable soup and focaccia bread. I have renewed artisan breads every day by Peter Reinhart 3 times already...I love our library. Rob, Hannah and I are becoming expert bread bakers. Olivia loves to eat it.

I brought some of the focaccia over to Andrea and Wally, too. I am preparing another batch right now.


elizabeth said...

so glad about the new baby! sorry to hear about your Fathers continued struggles. prayers and love in Christ...

Jeannette said...

Well.....wherever you "had"'ve received the prize!

wayside wanderer said...

Congratulations on your new nephew. He is precious and such sweet expressions on the girl's faces. What a blessing for your sister to have you close by. I am glad all went well with her home birth. (Two of my children were born at home and I am so glad they were.)

I am really sorry about your dad getting worse and how difficult it must be for you and your family to watch him endure this. I pray the Lord will give much grace and peace to you all.


DebD said...

A new baby for the new year! How lovely.

I'm sorry your dad is doing worse, but so thankful for all of you that his spirits remain high. Lord have mercy!

Mimi said...

I am a homebirth mom, did you know? Anyway, Congratulations and welcome to the world! How exciting!

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, continued prayers.

Rebeca said...

New baby... so exciting! I had three hospital births and the last one at a birthing center and it was so much nicer than a hospital!
I'm sorry about your dad.
I need to get my hands on that bread book! I have his last two but haven't seen that one yet.