July 23, 2012

Just molting...

Well, this past week, I was surprised that Nutmeg, our Rhode Island Red, hadn't laid an egg....since she started laying eggs last November, she'd been a consistent layer.  Everyday about 1 o'clock she'd have a pretty brown egg there for us. 
Then, I got really worried as I went out the backdoor and down the steps and saw a bunch of feathers!  Oh, no!  Had there been an attack?   
Chickens, however, molt, that means they loose their feathers and new ones will grow in, yearly.  During that time, which can be a few months, they do not lay eggs.  Here is a great description of exactly what goes on:
Rob tilled up the overgrown lettuce and radishes, then planted more lettuce and swiss chard seeds.
She loves to eat kale leaves and seeds.  And I picked another Poona Kheera cucumber today:


elizabeth said...

wow! glad she is okay! :) gardens are such a gift from God!

Allison said...

glad your chicken is ok! one of my friends has chickens and it has been so hot here that she had to move them inside for a while. :( Your garden looks great!

Xen Xen said...

Those cucumbers look fabulous! We will have chickens in our new place in OR, so we can swap stories :)