February 24, 2013

A ceili...

Ceili is a gathering of good music (the band "The Bloody Tinth" played, live fiddle, mandolin, guitar and drums) and Irish folk dancing!  Hannah dancing the Fairy Reel, with her girls.  She goes to class twice a week.
Olivia goes once a week...she JUST got her McGing school dress a week ago!!!  She danced the Siege of Ennis.  Olivia and Hannah both danced the Walls of Limerick and the Suites of May, so they each got to do 3 dances!
Another video...these are the kids who've been dancing longer: video
Bread pudding made with raisins and apples, with a whiskey cream sauce and caramel drizzled atop...from Claddagh's Irish end the night!


Anna said...

They're beautiful! What a great job they did : )

Michelle M. said...

It looks like your girls really love this! beautiful photos :)

elizabeth said...

How fun! yay! :) beautiful outfits too!!

Angie Kennedy said...

Wonderful! My daughter Siobhán is 3.5 and we are thinking about Irish dance lessons for her in a year or two. How old were your girls when they started dancing?