May 8, 2013

Butterflies of Morocco

I remember hearing of my grandma's trip to Morocco...  She gave me a t-shirt from Tunisia when I was about 10 and I wore it for many years after.  I guess she must've gone to Algeria, too, because that's between those two countries in northern Africa.
We went to see the Butterflies of Morocco at Krohn Conservatory (it's a huge greenhouse with all kinds of exotic plants, like banana trees and cacoa pods growing) in Eden Park in Cincinnati.  Admission is $7/adults and $4/children, under 4 are FREE.  We got coupons to use for $1 each admission at the library.
We walked around Eden Park to where there is a nice lookout point over the Ohio River.  The girls took turns in the old phone booth!
Little Elizabeth is 9 months old today...exactly 3 more months until her first birthday!
You probably know the story of Remus and Romulus, the two brothers who were raised by a wolf. 

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Mama Shara said...

If I was told I could only visit one more country for the rest if my life, I would surely pick Morocco!