May 17, 2013

On my list...

I have a list of things I plan to cook this weekend:
  • prosphora - bread that is brought to church and blessed
  • quiche - with asiago, spinach and eggs from our chickens
  • hamburgers - on the grill (well, my husband will do the grilling, I will chop onions and mix it up together and then make them into patties)
  • poutine - I have never made this and will be trying this recipe out!
  • salad - harvested lettuce from our backyard, for the first time, this year, today!
  • macarons - I have made macaroons, but never these French macarons!  We splurged and bought a box of 12 of them at Trader Joe's for $4.99 for a little tea party. 


Mary said...

It all sounds so good!! How did the macarons turn out? I'll see how much they are around here... I know you can buy them at some bakeries.

Martha said...

The macarons tasted just fine, but there was no "foot," and from reading this (, I think we overbeat the egg whites! When you come, we'll eat the macarons from Trader Joe's together...there a 6 different flavors (2 of each) in a package from France.