November 25, 2013

Little of this...and that!

Olivia with 2 of the girls from her class on 
Saturday morning...dress rehearsal for Irish dancing.
 Hannah and friends painting pottery Saturday afternoon.
It was so nice to have little Elizabeth
here, she loves the trampoline and swings!
 We call her Liza, pronounced like "Leeza."
 Sunday after church, we had an early Thanksgiving dinner 
at Grandpa and Grandma's house.  Brianna said "Shouldn't we tell
what we are thankful for?"  So, we took turns sharing...mostly, we are thankful for the people in our lives.  Olivia said she was thankful to have the ability to physically DO things.  We volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house recently.  We are in good health, thanks be to God.
There are many who are not.
 Liza helped me with the chickens.  We raked leaves 
at Peepaw and Grammie's house.
 Grammie and Liza...
The girls were trying to pull down that branch.  Sadly, I lost one of my
favorite earrings while helping with the leaves...
*update* I found my earring today while walking through
my parent's backyard!'s gotten cold here in Ohio.  
I hope we get some snow tonight.
What's the weather like where you are?


Apseed I said...

My grandma's name was Liza.
And it's very cold here (28F) with some snow.

Mooky Kook said...

It is relatively nice here in Minnesota. No snow here yet but they have a little up north.
I love following your blog - especially when you post about your dad and his Parkinsons. My dad had Parkinsons too so I understand what a difficult disease it is.
Mooky Kook