November 18, 2013

Metropolitan's visit...

Girls greeted the bishops with rose petals...
My parents with my sister's 3 girls outside our new church!
This is Metropolitan Hilarion, a very kind and humble man:
He just got back from Puerto Rico, where there is an Orthodox mission.  It looks beautiful there. 
One of my long-time friends, Sarah, flew in from Florida...and my sister, came with her two boys from Oregon! 

The girls circle-dance from Martha Pavlovna on Vimeo.

The children danced after the luncheon.
More old friends (above, from Indiana, and below, from Massachusetts)...
And the children playing together on the newly purchased playground after Liturgy on Sunday:
It was a wonderful weekend!


Apseed I said...

What a beautiful weekend! When I was a kid, I also danced Russian folk dances.

Jeannette said...

a rich heritage for these children!

Laura Wilson said...

How lovely! Many years!