June 9, 2014

Feels like summer

Olivia is now 11...we celebrated her birthday twice.  I made a cake with a layer of raspberry jam in the middle, in the shape of a dog bone (she's a dog lover, and that's what she requested) on her birthday, which was the feast of Ascension, so we brought that to church to share.  AND 36 dog cupcakes (we used Trader Joe's super-scrumptious chocolate-covered sea salt caramels for the nose, they turned out really cute!) for the party with friends. 
It really feels like summer, although we still have a bit more of spring left. We went to Graeter's to enjoy some ice cream, thanks to Uncle John, Aunt Susanna and kids who gave Olivia a gift card there for her birthday!
 My niece Natalia and friend Warren taking turns blowing bubbles.
We walked across the Purple People bridge on Friday with our homeschool friends.
It connects Kentucky to Ohio.  Here the kids are climbing the Serpentine Wall which borders the Ohio River:
Early Saturday, we went to the Parkinson's Steady Strides 5k.  It was a hot morning!
Saturday we got to go to King's Island!  It had been about 20 years for my husband and I...but the first time for our girls to go there.  Rob's company picnic was there, they paid for parking ($15), lunch and admission for all of us.  We all went up the Eiffel tower to the look-out and then on the Beast (which has been open since 1979)! 
Then we cooled off in Breaker's Bay, which makes huge 6' waves, like the ocean!  Finally, we went home, changed and went to Vigil for Pentecost. 


Amanda Sexton said...

You have a beautiful family, Martha. Blessed Pentecost!

Apseed I said...

Happy Birthday to Olivia!!!!
Best wishes to her from Lithuania!!!

GretchenJoanna said...

I am getting the summery feeling from your post! I had to put on a sweater and long pants this evening. :-(

That purple bridge and the serpentine wall look like so much fun. I love pedestrian bridges, and walking from one state to the next.