September 15, 2014

Cones for the Cure

Graeter's is giving away FREE cones of Elena's blueberry pie ice cream today from 3 to 8pm.  They are asking for a $1 or $5 donation to "The Cure Starts Now."  We will be there!  My cousin was here two weeks ago and we all went to Graeter's, she took this picture of my family with her friend, Scott:
I was eating Elena's blueberry pie, everyone else had a sundae, though.  Graeter's is really good!
Here is our friend Sofia, who has been battling brain cancer, it's because of HER that we feel so much concern and want to try to help find a cure.  She is now unable to walk, after she had a stroke in December 2013.  This picture was taken after church one day, all the kids gathering for Sunday school. 
This is my class for Sunday school this year.  We are focusing on church life and prayer this year.  The kids wrote the Jesus prayer:
It was my dad's birthday last week.  We celebrated by having cheesecake with him!  He had a really great day! ♥
We bought this beautiful bracelet and gave it to my niece, Natasha, for her namesday (it was St. Natalia and Adrian last Monday, Sept. 8).
The kids had so much fun at Friendship Park, which is right on the Ohio River.
We did tie-dye t-shirts!


Anna@stuffedveggies said...

Great pics! Our tie-dye shirt turned out great : ) Thanks for a lovely event!

Apseed I said...

Thank you again for your little updates about Sofia.