September 3, 2014

The Cure Starts Now

Our dear little friend, Sofia, who turned 5 this year has had so many health issues, which all started a few years ago when she was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Last December, she had a stroke, which left her unable to see and unable to walk.  Right, now she's in the hospital again, she's been there for 2 weeks.
 She really loves animals.  Lusy, our dog, also loves Sofia.
Sofia, with my girls, her mom, Maryna and me.  Sofia's mom and dad are both very faithful people.  We met them in church. 
So, if you want to learn a little more about "The Cure Starts Now" and how Graeter's ice cream has paired up to help a little, check this out:  ♥  And you can help make a difference!
Yes, you can get a scoop of Elena's blueberry pie ice cream FREE, be sure to check which days they're going to give it away!

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