October 22, 2014

Bunk beds!!!

Olivia said "Every time I got to throw a penny in a fountain, I wished for bunk beds."  Sunday afternoon, we came home from church to see that someone in our neighborhood had set up a bunk bed in their front yard, for sale $75.
Rob measured to see if it would fit...we thought with the angle of the ceiling in the room, it wouldn't fit, but they did!  There are some happy girls sleeping in it right now. 


elizabeth said...

oh yay! and they look lovely, sturdy and perfect in that room! :))))

Matushka said...

Love those bunk beds! I really love the corners with those funky designs. I love the natural wood, but those would look really cute painted too. Great find!

Jeannette said...

Isn't it fun when the provision is so near at hand?

The study word for the week could be serendipity!

Apseed I said...

Wow! This bed looks so sturdy and heirloom!