November 24, 2014

Early Thanksgiving

Olivia polished the silver.  This silverware was my grandmother's wedding silver.  We don't use it everyday, just on special occasions.
 Hannah wrote name cards and set the table, adding a sprig of sage from our backyard to each plate.
We made bacon-wrapped green beans.  I basically followed this recipe:  I used frozen green beans and didn't use the butter or brown sugar.  They were SO good!
 We celebrated Grandma's birthday (which was a few days ago) with a cake afterwards.
 Grandma with 3 of her grand daughters.
Meanwhile, my husband's littlest brother, Nathan, went to fly the remote control helicopter.  It was a bit windy.  He accidentally flew it over the was quite funny!
The girls played games inside, hide-and-seek, checkers, UNO, etc.  Being together, talking, laughing...this is what I ♥ about Thankgiving.


elizabeth said...

oh that is just lovely! And having silver from your family is just lovely! :) it's wonderful to have family!!! :)

Amanda Sexton said...

It looks lovely. Happy Thanksgiving. Bacon makes everything extraordinary.

Apseed I said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We also like to play UNO.