November 17, 2014

Snow cake

Sprinkled with coconut on look like snow:
 This is what I've been reading lately, while the girls are doing their homeschooling lessons.  We have also been playing a lot of chess and checkers (and making up variations, like "giveaway" where you must take an opponents piece if you are able to jump them, but want to get rid of all your pieces first).
Lusy loves the snow...jumping and running around, burying her face in the snow. 
Usually, we dig out from a huge mound of snow, but this morning, we didn't have that much snow, so we packed the snow into plastic containers to make "snow bricks." Olivia's snow fort is like a 3 sided square.  In the middle, you can see the chicken run (they are in the coop today) and what is left of our tomato plants! 
 Hannah is making a circle fort, thinking about making an igloo...


elizabeth said...

oh that snow cake looks lovely? can you let me know the recipe?? enjoy the snow!!! those forts look great!! :)))

Anna@stuffedveggies said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL cake!

I cannot believe all the work your girls did on those snow forts - impressive!

Heather said...

wow! that is an impressive snow fort! I dont know that we've ever had enough snow to make something like that! Well, maybe once every great while :)

That snow cake looks SO. GOOD. I love coconut!

Apseed I said...

I also love coconut and I can add it everywhere ( literally). And these snow forts look impressive!

Melanie said...

Taking Flight was such an inspiring story.