January 5, 2015

In our home...

Today for art class, Olivia continued on her self-portrait on canvas with acrylic paint.  Mixing up a skin tone wasn't easy, but I think she came up with a very natural color.
Our Lusy was sick last week (coughing up blood) and went to the vet Friday.  They kept her for a few hours and put her under anesthesia so they could look down her trachea and take x-rays.  Her heart was obscured by a dark area on her lungs, but when the doctor listened to her lungs, they sounded clear.  Very confusing.  He sent the x-rays on to a specialist.  It seems she has a fungal pneumonia, and so gave her an injection and now we're giving her antibiotics.  She's to go back in a few days for another x-ray to be sure it's clearing up.

And tonight we're expecting a bit of snow!  We celebrate the Nativity of Christ on Wednesday Dec. 25 / January 7th (old calendar) it would be really nice to have a white Christmas for us Orthodox Christians.


elizabeth said...

lovely painting!
hope the lovely dog will be better soon!
can't wait for CHRISTMAS!!!! :)))) (have a blessed Nativity!!!)

Michelle M. said...

I hope Lusy is all better very soon! I've known so many people this fall who have either had very sick dogs or dogs how have passed away. Hugs!

Happy Nativity Eve!

Apseed I said...

Poor Lucy:( wishing her a speedy recovery!