February 23, 2015

Blessed Lent

Still very cold here and everything is covered in snow.  It makes me realize how God is in charge of all nature, the beauty of it, and in this time and age when we think we can control everything, it's a reminder - we can't.

"He is my Helper and Protector, and has become
my salvation. This is my God and I will glorify Him. My
father's God and I will exalt Him. For gloriously has
He been glorified.
" (Exodus 15:2,1; Psalm 117:14)

This week, each evening, we read the canon written by St. Andrew of Crete.  It's very repentant and beautiful, many references to the Old Testament:

We've stocked up on nuts, grapes, clementines, plums, beets, onions, potatoes, avocados, lettuce...and are trying to eat simply during Lent.  Do you have any favorite vegan recipes to share?


elizabeth said...

how lovely! I will forward you an email a friend sent me with recipes for Lent! thx for your comment today on my blog; how special about the St. George card; we pray for your parents daily! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

We eat oatmeal with fruit, coconut cream or honey for breakfast, lunch is leftovers and for dinner we eat a lot of (soaked & sprouted) bean soups. A favorite is lentils with onion, sweet potato, carrot, and celery. Boil and if you wish, add a little lemon balm, cumin, turmeric and salt for flavor.

Martha said...

Thanks! I have Nourishing Traditions and have soaked some grains, but will have to try soaking lentils before making soup with it.

Apseed I said...

We like to make different vegetable stews. They are simple to make and I find them very nourishing.