March 19, 2015

Big bowl of pho

Yesterday was St. Oliva's day.  Olivia's name's day!  We went to a Vietnamese restaurant and got spring rolls (had mushrooms, lettuce, cilantro, mint and rice noodles in it) with a peanut sauce, and also pho...
Actually this is only the medium size bowl of mushroom pho...our first time having pho, which is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup, with green onions and cilantro and mung beans on the side, which I piled onto mine.  Yum.
Hannah got bamboo shoots in hers, too, she said it tasted like wood, if it weren't for that, she would've loved it.
Rob finished his whole bowl (he got medium)!  I got a small bowl, which I finished, too, but it was plenty for me. 
We'll be back for more, it was a nice way to celebrate.


elizabeth said...

lovely pictures! pho is fun! used to have it sometimes in Ottawa. easy on tummy too :) many years to Olivia!!! and hugs to you!!

Mary said...

A new place just opened very close to us called "I Cook Pho You"... People say it's really good and I've been wanting to try it! I would love to go there when I'm in town during bright week!!