March 26, 2015

Eggs from yarn!

We made eggs to decorate the light above our dining room table, just in time for Pascha - or Easter.  Basically, we used this tutorial:, but instead of using round balloons, we bought water balloons.  I poured half a cup of Elmer's school glue into an old plastic container and half a cup of water and then measured about 6-7 yards of yarn (I used 100% cotton yarn Sugar n Cream) for each one, and set the yarn in the container to soak up the gluey stuff.  Then, tied the end to the end of the balloon to anchor it (if it wasn't so slippery I'd omit this step, because getting the balloon out is hard, I ended up cutting the yarn and balloon off a few).  Let it dry outside, in the sunshine, or inside hanging, with newspaper under, because it will drip.  Then the next day, you can pop the balloon!  And voila! 
When I was young, we made these in elementary school and our class hung them on the school Christmas tree.  I've also seen a BIG balloon wrapped in yarn, and then made as a "lamp shade." There are so many neat ideas out there!
Also, we planted wheat grass 5 days ago...and look how fast it's growing! 
I really love teaching art class.  For one of the classes, I brought fresh flowers and put them in several different vases on the tables and the students used pencil to draw it and then watercolor paints.
 Below, this boy, wanted to create a modern looking flower:
It's definitely spring here in Ohio, still cool weather, but our grass is finally starting to turn green!


elizabeth said...

those are so cute!!! would love to know how you did them!

Martha said... - I meant to add this link to the post! I used waterballoons, not round ones as they did.

Jeannette said...

Your wheatgrass reminds me I should plant a pot of kitty grass... here spring is sprung...wisteria abloom and bumble bees are singing.

Michelle M. said...

Those are beautiful! I think the kids and I might still try to make some :)

Apseed I said...

Just saw your new picture on Facebook. I'm so very happy for you and your family! Congratulations!!!