November 17, 2015

The weekend

Paul woke up early Saturday morning, I gave him a bath and put him in his new bathrobe from our friend Joanna.  The slippers fit really well and stay on!  Then, I laid him in bed with daddy so I could take a shower and this is how I found them when I was done...both sleeping!
I took Hannah to karate at 8:30am and I walked 2 miles in the meantime.
Olivia had her black belt test, she was at the dojo for 3 hours and 45 minutes...a long day there, which started off with a written exam, then everyone stood up and gave a speech, they had to do physical demonstrations, here is the board breaking part, they had to break one with their hand and the other with a foot kick.
Paul and I were there for about 2 hours, he was pretty good, Rob is taking a turn holding him and we used the pacifier...
Hannah brought along a project she's working on, we all wanted to be there, but it was a long test.
Olivia and her partner, Ellie, demonstrated "take downs."
Super cozy sleeper from my friend Bethany, looks like he's singing and pretending to play the mandolin like daddy...
The bishop came to our church this weekend.
Services started with the blessing of the new icon of St. Paul the Simple, that was painted by Fr. Theodore Jurewicz with donations given from my father's friends and family when he passed away. 
Bishop Peter was born and named after St. Paul the Simple.  My father took St. Paul the Simple as his patron saint when he was baptised in the 1970s.  And we choose this patron saint for our baby boy, too. 
P.S.  I hope to add more photos when I see them...there were only 2 people allowed to take photos during the church services.  I couldn't have taken photos anyhow, with taking care of Paul.


Michelle M. said...

How lovely! It is wonderful to see how your family is so close and supportive of one another.

gretchenjoanna said...

What a wonderful event! I must go research St. Paul the Simple now. He has greatly blessed your family!