April 6, 2016

Back pain

What do you do about back pain?  I have scoliosis and also a little baby, who isn't mobile yet, and carrying him around as he's gained weight...ouch!  A friend gave me this Kava Stress Relief tea (I wouldn't call it stress that I've got, but the "eases tensions and promotes relaxation" is the part I need).  I've put essential oils on my neck and back, it helps a little.  Exercise seems to help me, twisting the back right and left...going for walks.  I'd appreciate other suggestions. ♥
I harvested some dandelions...going to saute them!
This is one of our new favorite meals...avocado smeared on toast with pickled onions and Himalayan pink salts on top.  Simple recipe for pickled onions:  For the kids, it's like a science experiment, when you add the lime juice the onions turn from purple to a pretty pink, must be the acidity.
 I sat someone on the potty for the 1st time yesterday, and he peed!  Today, he pooped!!!
Munching on a cooked green bean with big sister.


elizabeth said...

I wonder if there is some gentle exercises you can do that are for back pain...

my husband uses this, on recommendation of someone who does messages for back pain, ancient minerals magnesium spray or lotion. It helps him a lot; apparently the magnesium can help with 'micro tares' of the muscle.

elizabeth said...

Oh, I think I mean to write 'micro tears' not tares :)

Valerie said...

Hi Martha,
I'm so sorry you are having back pain. I had that too when my boys were young. I found help by lying on my back, then slowly pulling one knee to my chest, lowering it, then the other. If your back is in very bad shape, keep your knees bent. I hope this helps. If not, I do recommend a chiropractor. They got me completely sorted out, thankfully!
Good luck, and enjoy little Paul while he is small!

Mama Shara said...

I'm sorry your back is hurting! Mine is too, ever since Atticus was born. I think on top of your scoliosis it could be a few things. In particular our core muscles which are often not very strong in the first year post partum. I would suggest finding some videos on YouTube for Yoga or Pilates (whichever you're most comfortable with!) which directly target your core. This will help strengthen your back. It's a slow fix but important! I also rely on Roman to help me carry the baby around the house when necessary or at least pick him up off of the floor for me. Xx He is delightful and what a cool thing to have some successes on the potty already. Much love Dear Martha xx

GretchenJoanna said...

I had a terribly "bad" back for many years, especially my childbearing years, because of scoliosis that predisposed my hips to getting out of whack. Many times the spasms were so bad that I was unable to walk, and had to crawl a few paces to unlock my spine! I also recommend chiropractors, but what finally saved me after the worst period ever was learning the techniques of Robin MacKenzie, which you can see YouTube videos about nowadays. The physical therapist who helped me the most used his techniques and taught them to me.

My husband and I were also helped by a friend who told us about the "dead bug" position, which you can also read about online and which takes the pressure off during an acute episode. God bless you and help you find relief and healing!

Mary said...

I use my heating bad (borrow Olivia's!) or Biofreeze.

Martha said...

Thank you all...I'm trying a few new things, and really don't want to spend a lot of $$$ so thank you for the recommendations of exercises and such. I'm feeling better today. ♥