April 18, 2016


Little cup of water.  Like it's the best thing ever.
I've been watching this...trying to do more to make our overall health optimal.  It's hard to change your lifestyle, but I do like most healthy foods and going for walks, but I still love marshmallows, French fries, root beer, and can't run a exhausting.
From: I like to think a little music is good for you, too.  Rob's been playing the mandolin a little less lately, because he's been building an outdoor oven!  Hannah's been playing some lovely melodies on the piano...and little Paul loves to try to play, too.
Squishing the avocado on his shirt....oops!
 Breakfast this morning...
And today someone is officially 7 months old!  2 teeth.  Olivia helping me out, this morning...  crawling around the house, just using his arms, saying "ba ba ba" loves to drink water and mama's milk and eat sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas, cantaloupe, and shoes...if he can get there before I do.

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elizabeth said...

I am the same. It takes a LOT out of you to have a baby and I think that you must be exhausted from being woken up yet. It's hard to get back in shape. and we get older. Little by little. I love french fries too, esp. from our diner. HUGS and love to you!