April 16, 2017


My mom made kulich for each of her grandchildren (that's 12), plus other people, one friend who is gluten-free...she also was busy baking lots and lots of prosphora for all the church services.
 Kisses as a thank you!
My friend from over 20 years ago, has been in Korea, as she is in the Air Force, we were so glad to have her here for Pascha. 
 Ready for our basket to be blessed.
We went to my sister-in-law's house for lunch and had a little egg hunt.  It's been a wonderful Pascha so far! ♥  I wish you all a happy festal Paschal season...Christ is Risen!!!


GretchenJoanna said...

Indeed He is risen! I love those photos of your family, friends, flowers, kulich! My goodness, your mom was busy! Have a blessed Bright Week! XO

Jeannette said...

Christ is risen indeed! Your mother has a lovely heritage and I am sure your father was dearly remembered in this joyous celebration too. What sweet pictures!