May 15, 2017


Over the weekend, we went to see my in-laws. We brought a bouquet of peonies from our yard for Rob's mom.  And Rob made pulled pork, we also brought salad and mango sorbet, I chopped up a pineapple and my mother-in-law had pound cake and strawberries.  We had a nice picnic.
My mom came over here Sunday afternoon and we got ice cream sundaes together.  It was another great day....the weather just perfect!  We have had so much rain that these sunny days are very welcome.
We participated in a lovely May pole tradition.  And there was a beautiful buckeye tree there in full bloom.
One more photo a friend sent from last week, after the dinner at the Peterloon estate.


GretchenJoanna said...

How beautiful and joyful! Maypole dances are festive - not to mention the food and family. :-)

elizabeth said...

what nice times you had! been wondering how you are. feel free to email me! HUGS and God bless you! Christ is Risen!