November 30, 2018


To be honest, I've been struggling with breastfeeding.  George has a lip tie, his upper lip doesn't allow him to latch well.  I'm pretty sure I had mastitis, I had a fever (although I didn't take my temperature, I got plenty of rest and drank tea), last Sunday.  I also got out the manual Medela breast pump I got when Hannah was a baby.  Yeah.  It's 17 years old.  Worked great!  Thankfully, things are better now.
Last Friday was opening night of King's Island Winterfest. Hannah's friend who works there gave us 12 complimentary tickets!  Regularly admission is $25.99/ person.  We went with my mom and 2 sisters and their families.
Last Saturday was our 18th wedding anniversary!  We took the boys with us to Findlay Market.  The girls offered to babysit, but in reality, I think it would be too much for them, although it was a sweet offer.
George had his 1st bath a few days ago...he was 23 days old.  Paul was helping a lot, such an interested and attentive big brother.  One day, he would be a great dad.  He is learning from his dad!
Car relationship...we drove to a chiropractor appointment and there was a lot of traffic and crying.  I am going to stay home as much as I can!
Olivia passed the test for her temporary driver's license!  6 months and she could driving solo...
Have a nice weekend!


elizabeth said...

My friends have gone through Mastitis too, not fun! you did the right thing in getting the pump out and using it. I hope that little George gets more used to outings, sometimes staying home too much can make one feel down and I don't want that for you! Sending lots of love!!!

Anna of Stuffedveggies said...

Glad you're on the mend. Great pics. Always lovely to see your family : )

Pom Pom said...

What a precious baby! I'm so sorry you have had a breast infection. I had one once and I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I hope you are on the mend. I popped over from Elizabeth's blog!

GretchenJoanna said...

Isn't that so hard, when the baby is crying and crying in the car seat? Truly, one doesn't like to endure that, or hear them suffering it. It's a mercy you don't have to go to work or etc. every day. What a blessing of a family God has given you all!

Tracy said...

So sorry you've not been feeling great and having a rough time. Hope you're feeling better... And thank goodness for baby gear kept through the years. ;) How CUTE is Georgie!! Wow... a young driver in the house now! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY belated... What a fun is Winterfest!! Thanks for taking us along! ((HUGS))