January 4, 2008

Journaling block for you!

Seems that Missouri snow followed us to Ohio! Rob bought 2 sleds at Ace Hardware, an orange round one and a black long one. Both are great, but I like going forward and that round one turns you around. Thanks, Dad! It takes a while to get to each and every little new gift. This is really "me," photos of loved ones are the best...even on a checkbook cover! This is so cool, isn't it? My sister, Susanna, gave us an ice cream maker, I need to buy the ingredients and rock salt, so we can make some, maybe on our Nativity, January 7th!!!
I designed a jounaling block! I used it in the photo above. I hope you can use it too! Have fun!


JO said...

I like the SLED photo, so CUTE - looks like you all had so much fun !

Kate O'Brien said...

LOVE that block and will most certainly put it to good use! :)

The snow looks fun - however I will gladly put on my flip flops and enjoy the 76 degree weather here today!


inara said...

Cute Journaling block!!! So, to answer your question, it was actually snowing in the pics, but not enough to stick (although it was at higher elevations) So...I consider that a "white" christmas, even if it is just a tad...but maybe someone from, I don't know, the Midwest, where you get real snow, might not consider it a "white" christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

Martha you won an RAk at AMR we need your addy!!

KJ-Starre said...

Hi are you? I love the journalling block & I think it looks really fun on your photo! Those sledges look like loads of fun! We too had a blast sledging in Loweville/ Milton/ warm blooded Africans, we were surprised just how fast we fell in love with winter sports!

Congrats on your winning an stash is the best isn't it?

Samantha said...

How fun - sledding! I've never actually been sledding unless you call falling down the side of a snow covered mountain on your bum sledding. I only had hypothermia and a bruised tail-bone. OUCH!! Let's just say I carried around a donut for a while, and not the kind you eat ;)

JO said...

Hey, I love the music playlist - hope you don't mind, I did it too. I like that I can put more than ONE music in the list. Wow, lots of people read your blog ! amazing !

Anonymous said...