May 27, 2008

Baby swiss, anyone?

I'll be updating with more photos of Hannah's it ripens! A short video at Guggisburg Cheese...we had to find a bathroom, quick!

We spent the day in Amish country. Dandelions for me, from Olivia. She'll be 5 in two more days!At Heini's cheese...making cheese. We got to sample lots of scrumptious things, baby swiss (just $3.99/pound) , goat cheese (yum...but it was $12.99 a pound), smoked gouda, fudge, etc. Thank you to all those who have served and serve in the military. Here's a page I did a few years ago (photo is of Rob in Iraq): I treasured each and every letter (there are more than these, but I can't have the pocket in my album bulging)...thank God he's home and safe! It was a hard time for us.

If you click this photo, you can see it up close...Olivia is third from the right...there's a cute lil boy in the center. They did a great job!

Another recital photo! This was afterwards, everyone got carnations, these roses are from Grandma and Peepaw...and Mary & Andrea gave them lovely hydrangeas. Here's a pic of them in the kitchen, with a bouquet I got on the last day of school.


::Sylvia:: said...

Congratulations on finishing the school year! I'm sure you're thrilled to have some time at home with your lovely family!
I love the page of Rob, thank God he was returned home safely :)
Which Amish town were you in? We visit Lancaster county often and Volant, PA as well when we visit. Hopefully we'll be seeing you this summer!

KJ-Starre said...

I can't believe she is turning 5 seems just yesterday you were celebrating no. 4. Are you having a party?

It is good for you Rob is must have been so hard when he was away.

JO said...

the TREE HUGGER page is amazing, very cute. U know the trees here in Germany are very nice, it's hardwood or nice quality wood. Plenty of wood carvings everywhere! THe girls are looking amazing & grown up. Happy birthday OLIVIA ! Little J remember ur girls, I always show her their pictures on blog. We miss you guys !

JO said...

OH..u should sell ur painting here, I will be the "HOME SELLER". 50euros for a simple painting ! I will be the business person & I won't even charge commission fee. I think you have a talent & I think you should be proud of that & make some extra cash on the side ! smiles. I will sell them here, if you want me to.

inara said...

cute pics! I want to visit Amish country someday. I've read a few fictional books set in Amish communities, the ones by Beverly Lewis. Have you read them? They're pretty good.

DebD said...

congratulations on completing your school year. I'm about a week behind.

I love smoked gouda - yum!

Mimi said...

Congratulations! What a lovely group of photos! And, accomplishments.

Xen Xen said...

I can't believe that Olivia will be 5 already! I guess she is a little more than 3 months Katherine's senior, and how time seems to fly away!
Where exactly did you guys go to Amish country? That sounds like a fun time.

Jessica said...

Looks like a perfectly Scrumptious weekend!

Erin said...

Your strawberries look just like ours - little green guys. We have two plants this year, but ours are in hanging baskets to keep all the bunnies away! My boys are so excited to watch them grow.

Geri said...

Hello there! I am so glad we are linked to eachothers blogs, especially since you are only 5 hours away! I love the strawberry plant, I just bought 7 of them today! I hope mine rippen in time.

Samantha said...

Wow - you had a great weekend! I've never been to a cheese factory before, and I bet Travis would love it seeing as how he's all about good cheese!

I can't wait to see the little strawberry plant grow over time. That will be fun to watch!

Cute pics of the girls, too. All that reminds me of my recitals as a young girl. I got flowers, too!