May 9, 2008

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

You're invited to come to Olivia's 5th birthday! The party will be outside on Saturday May 31(although May 29th is the day she was born), so come over to our house 12-2pm. Let your presence be your gift, please.

Here are the costumes for the recitals, which are next week. We just got Hannah's yesterday and looking at the flowers around the neck, she said "This must be from Hawaii, because that is far away." She's been anxious to get it. Olivia's outfit arrived about a month ago.
I hope each and every mom has a wonderful, relaxing day this Sunday. My mom has done many wonderful things, but the love of cooking (my 3 sisters are bakers and chefs, too) is one of the best....and it's even better to eat together with family & friends.

Enter to win some beautiful earrings here: (P.S. I love her peacock "wallpaper")

This is a page I did last week:


DebD said...

Happy Mother's day to you do. May your day be filled with love.

p.s. did you ever get my email?

Rosemary said...

Happy Mother's Day! The girls look adorable.

::Sylvia:: said...

Tell the girls I love their outfits! I'm sure they're going to be wonderful at their recital!

Jessica said...

Oh they look beautiful. And Happy Mother's Day.

As far as chickens go, I'd recommend a red breed. They seem to be the most productive on egg production & the friendliest too.

Dettao said...

Love the circles on that layout. Just beautiful. happy Mother's day.

JO said...

I'd love to GO to her party ... I love that "H" scrap layout. Very pretty. Happy MOM's DAY ...

KJ-Starre said...

Those ballet costumes are so beautiful, the girls must be thrilled!

Happy Mothers day to you too!

It is great to see you scrapping again! Lovely L.O!

joscelyne cutchens said...

cute cute cute! Hope your mother's day was wonderful! :)

Elizabeth said...

My 14 year old used to dance and I LOVED sitting in the audience during her recitals! Have a blast :)

Happy Mother's Day!!