January 2, 2009

I celebrate Christmas for 24 days...

Being an Orthodox Christian, we follow the Julian or "old calendar," which is 13 days from the Gregorian calendar most of the world follows (so today is actually December 20th). In 2100, there will be 14 days difference. So, I just read my sister's blog and LOVED that we get to celebrate Christmas for 24 days, we start on December 25th, spent the day with my in-laws, opened gifts, 12 days of Christmas then, January 7th is when we really celebrate the Nativity of Christ and break the fast, 12 days of joyful feasting follow!We collected some beautiful pieces of nature, and then spray painted them silver. I'm going to make some flower arrangements for an upcoming church function with them.

We went to eat at Japanese restaurant and they cooked on a hibachi right in front of us...the girls thought it was fantastic. I ordered a scrumptious dish with scallops. I wish I were such a fun cook!

I got this from my friend Chrispea:
Whoever designed it must've been German, from the spelling, but I have no idea who it was... Now, I get to pass it on. The winner may put the logo on their blog. Put a link to the person who sent you the award and then nominate your favorite blogs, please add a link to their blog.

Here are the blogs I'm going to nominate:

Susanna - my sister because she makes the most beautiful homemade sugar cookies, ornaments with her two girls, she's a fantastic seamstress (sewed most of the curtains in her house) and great gardener.

Zoya - my cousin, who is a ceramicist, making beautiful lanterns and lately, cookie jars (you can find that on her blog if you click her name), also check out her studio:

Paula - my new friend who has a great eye for scrapbooking...and we both agree on so many issues that fall close to my heart.

Sylvia - she has 2 awesome blogs, click HERE for her other one, she's always up to something fun, with her children often. I have a set of the most lovely wrist warmers from her, she's a fabulous knitter!

WW- she's an amazing photographer. I was also recently inspired by her "green" blog post about a month ago...I've started keeping a compost bin since!


::Sylvia:: said... are too sweet! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this week!

Rosemary said...

Well done, Martha, a well deserved award!

Now about this being a fun cook - I just don't picture you standing by the stove flipping shrimp up into a chef's hat!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Yay! I almost never re-post awards, but you know what.....I'm gonna start doing it!! Starting with this one.....Thank you so very much....the sentiment warms my heart!

p.s. I knew you'd get a bin going. Are you using worms or did you go another route?

Mimi said...

You mean you don't throw your scallops around the kitchen with your knife? I'm so disappointed.

Zoya said...

Congratulations on your award!! Your blog is beautiful! Thank you for the nomination! You are very kind (and I think my only reader) :)

JO said...

OK , I really miss the JAPANESE HIBACHI restaurant. It's TOO EXPENSIVE here in Germany to eat in such place. I wish I own a grill like that at home. I can do it at HOME !

JO said... (have U tried this website ?), Im trying it tonight & see what happens, it looks like FUN. !

J.H said...

Hello Marfa,
I didn't know Ortodox Christian has a different calendar, that's interesting!
By the way, happy new year (a little late to say, but better late than never)

Loreluca said...

Nice award!! Thank you for sharing, that is so gratious of you!! ;)
I wish I understood about the Julian calendar and the way you celebrate the birth of the Sweet Lord. If I understand correctly, you are in the middle of the celebration, right? Merry Christmas!
I LOVE Japanese steakhouses! the kids call those places the "choo-choo train place! I wish I could cook like that, too! I really enjoy the show they put on for us!