January 5, 2009

Off we go...

I'm practicing "Malinka Yolichka." Yep, very excited to have started learning how to play guitar from a dear friend at church, Photina.
Looking outside together. Who's taller? Olivia is 5 and Lusy is just 2 years old!

I feel like whatever I knit is still good because of things like this:
Thank you. I have a desire to knit leg warmers. I started last year. I am using 6 double pointed needles and recently spoke with someone who recommended I use a "U" shaped needle.


Mimi said...

I very much love the photo of Olivia and Lusy! How cute.

And, whoooohoooooo! Good guitar playing, is there nothing you can't do?

Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. How fun to play the guitar! Last year we had a visiting priest at our church and he came to talk to the high schoolers. He played the guitar for them and they just loved it!

Matushka said...

Good luck playing the guitar! That's exciting.

What kind of dog is Lusy? We want to get a dog for the girls.

Great pics!

Zoya said...

I wish I could play the guitar, I still have one that belonged to my mother. As for knitting, I LOVE my circular needles and don't regret for a second (even though I rarely knit) my splurge on an interchangable set.

Meadowlark Days said...

Congrats on the new learning adventures!

Emily R. said...

Your girls looked to cute going to the ballet :D

Samantha said...

Hey there! Just popping in to wish you a very Happy New Year :) I hope your Christmas was good, too! I'm also learning how to play the guitar. Isn't that funny? I want to get a classical one in the future. We'll see!

Loreluca said...

I LOVE playing guitar! I haven't done that in quite a while, though. My guitar broke a couple of years ago, and I haven't gotten a new one yet :(
Lusy and Olivia just look precious standing together!
And I tried knitting once, but my poor sister lost her patience trying to teach me, and gave up (I never knew what has I just done and what was next). Thank goodness for the knitting looms!