March 30, 2009

Little ballerina...

Look how elegant Juliana's retire (pose is which one leg is bent) is...she's just 3. You can tell she's really trying to do it correctly!
Hannah (she'll be 8 this summer) looks so big, next to her little cousin, Emma (who's still 1), who is intently watching her sister, Juliana, in ballet class, that's Olivia to the right.

We went on a nature walk to see how spring has come into our neighborhood. Hannah took this photo (above) of her nature treasures.

Olivia is almost 6. She lost her 3rd tooth on Friday. That top tooth has been dangling for a good week. I love her new smile! I started making pink soft know those hard plastic faux silver ones that break, or the metal ones that are so hard on your head? Fret not, little princesses...soft ones on the way!

Sylvia asked for the pattern for my crocheted headband from 2 weeks ago. I just made it up...but here are some basic instructions:
Martha's headband pattern:

Hook size H/5mm
Merino wool by Patons
Chain: 64 (19 inches around is usually perfect, it will stretch)

Work 1sc into 2nd ch from hook, 1sc into each ch to end, turn, 1ch, work 3 sc into each next 3, connect (make loop), sc, 1dc, then 1ch, *skip next and 1dc, repeat from * until 58th (3rd from end) sc, then sc in each next 3sc.

On Liz K's blog (she's an amazing artist and mama...won the Creating Keepsakes magazine "Scrapbooker of the Year" in 2008) this week she posted a photo of herself wearing a sweet turquoise crocheted headband! I love it.

Here's a pattern I want to try soon: Looks a lot like the one Liz has...


Anne Elizabeth said...

Cute pictures! I hope I can get my daughter into ballet soon.

Meadowlark Days said...

Delightful! Love the tiaras.

Femin Susan said...

Hello……. !
Very cute all these pictures... Great……. may god bless you !

::Sylvia:: said...

Thanks Martha! I love the tiaras too! What pattern did you use for that?

I can't wait to make the headband! Love the photos of ballet class and the nature finds btw! Hope all is well!

Erin said...

Love the tiaras! Do you have a pattern? That looks like a great birthday gift for a few little girls I know!

Petronia said...

I will have to try a headband. I have the idea to crochet a triangle to the top half of it to make a head-covering. Not sure how that'd look, but it's an idea :)

Matushka said...

LItlle pink ballerinas, so cute! My girls love ballet. They are all over the place with what they want to do: ballet, horse, piano, art, basketball, etc.

Olivia looks like my Katherine-wild blond hair. I love it!

Great idea on the headbands!


Matushka said...

Uggh! Sorry for all the typos on the last post! Time to slow down! :)


Pres. Kathy said...

Your little ballerina is just precious! It is si amazing how fast the children grow - right before our eyes. How nice to go on a nature walk - once the weather gets better here I can't wait to do all these different outdoor activities. The princess tiara is just adorable! Everyone little girl needs one!! :-) Have a blessed week~

Samantha said...

What a cute little ballarina! I remember those days...they were good :) I love Olivia's new smile. I remember those days, too!!

Loreluca said...

Oh, Martha!!! I cannot believe you were in Chicago!!! I live in the western suburbs, pretty close indeed!!! :(
Next time you come around, let me know, I'd LOVE to show you around of have you guys over for diner!
LOVE the pictures, my friend! especially the ballerina one!
Lots of hugs, my dear!
PS.- you and your family were in our prayers tonight. I am very glad you are fine. I am hoping that the other driver is better now.

KJ said...

I LOVE those head bands...they look beautiful & comfi!

Little ones doing ballet will forever tweak my heart...gorgeous!!

I read on Joscies blog that you were in a car accident...I hope you are doing OK...& no one was seriously hurt.
Hugs to you all.

Rosemary said...

How cute is this ballet class! Your girls are growing fast since I first peeked in on your blog. I absolutely love the soft tiara and I agree that the stuff in the stores is awful - scratchy or it breaks if they breathe on it.

Chrispea said...

Oh, how cute the little ballerinas are. And the little princess crown is adorable... I wish I could crochet/knit. Beautiful.

eMeLiNe Seet said...

SWEET post !! =) i WISH i can do crocheting ... i wish i am that patient. Always Love homemade things ! =)