July 20, 2009


...or stingy...I like to reuse things, but sometimes I wonder when it's too much. I have a collection of used, clean, but cloudy plastic bags. I don't want to buy anymore. I am a pack-rat, save everything that I can't recycle or compost, because the kids might want to use it in their sandbox or I could use it again.This is the first time I've used squash blossoms...stuffed them with goat cheese (mixed in garlic, rosemary and green onion). Yummy. Most recipes I found are fried, but they are edible raw, so that's how I ate them.
I wish I had used cloth diapers...didn't even try. Olivia was very happy to have a turn holding her little cousin, Isaac...he's getting so big already. That's the card I made for his baptism. A's like a baptismal font, right?
Our girls loved Emma's slip and slide...
We roasted marshmallows over my sister's fire much fun!


Xenia Kathryn said...

Love the card! And I seriously did a triple take... I thought Olivia was holding a baby doll! It must be the way Isaac's arms are angled, and his expression. Hehehe! He's a "doll"!

Meadowlark Days said...

oh, those squash blossoms look delicious!!!

Michelle M. said...

What great summery photos :)