July 13, 2009

Fairy Caravan

I picked up a book written by Beatrix Potter in 1929 called Fairy Caravan, about a guinea-pig whose hair grew amazingly long after trying some new elixir and ran away to join a circus. Such imagination!

It's good to be back home again, but we had a great vacation. Here we are on West Rattlesnake overlooking Squam Lake, NH. The girls took to kayaking we're thinking of looking to buy some old ones, maybe on Ebay or Craigslist?

I zoomed into the field to take a photo of this Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly on the Purple Milkweed blossoms.
Aunt Ellen and Uncle Jim invited us...and we also saw my sister, Mary and her husband, Andrey, who came down from Canada for a few days...and my cousin, Zoya and her 3 year old daughter Harriett. I have lots more photos to share...maybe later, my computer doesn't have any extra space, so I have to keep the rest on my memory card for now! Yikes.
Rob and Olivia brave the cold Atlantic waters...

We ate scrumptious lobsters...I was thrilled to see Hannah get into it, as she is usually picking everything apart, not a seafood-lover like the rest of us!


KJ said...

It sure looks as if you are having a super vacation!! I hope you all get some well deserved R'n R.

The lobsters look delicious, I am still hoping to try some one day...they are just too expensive to order in restaurants here :o)

Michelle M. said...

That looks like such a great trip!

I hope we can get together some time again soon. August looks very open for us... and then the baby will be born! Let's please get together again.

Samantha said...

Such lovely pictures! That lobster sure does look good. I haven't had lobster in years...I think I might be hungry :)

Chrispea said...

Did you go to Maine for the lobster? We had "fresh" lobster in Maine on our honeymoon and would love to take the kids up. Looks like you had a great time!!

Marfa said...

The lobster was in a place called Woodman's on our trip home from Crane Beach, near Ipswich.