March 19, 2010

Saint Patrick

enlightened the people of Ireland using a 3-leaved clover, one God is three beings, like the petals, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It's a great way to explain this to your children, too!
Did you know I was going to be Patrick if I was a boy?

My parents had a trip planned to Ireland, but canceled it... My mom and dad came over yesterday to give Olivia a gift...March 18th is the day we remember Saint Oliva, of Brescia, Italy, one of the early martyrs for her Christian faith. Dad seems to be doing okay, but mom said that he's not...getting sick a lot please pray for him!


Anonymous said...

whats wrong with your dad? we just celebrated Buds birthday on St.Patricks day! Can you believe he is 10 years old!!!!


Barbara Bassett said...

Dad really had a "good" day yesterday - he always feels better when he sees your sweet family!!
He has hopes that Dr. Jack will be able to help him a little, but he certainly needs all the prayers he can get.

Chrispea said...

I'll say some prayers for your dad. {{hugs}}

Matushka said...


I love this photo of Olivia! So beautiful! Many years to her.

Can you e-mail me your dad's name (if you don't want to mention it on your blog). I will have Fr. Justin remember him at the altar.


DebD said...

praying for both your mom and your dad.

Our 14 yr old would have been named Patrick too. We love his hagiography.

Pres. Kathy said...

Your dad is in our prayers. I hope he is ok. I know with my dad that some days are harder than others. I am sedning you lots of hugs!

Claire said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Marfa! I've never heard this story of the 3-leaf's beautiful. I'm saying a prayer for your dad & family :)

Mimi said...

Prayers for your Dad, and how neat. I'd have been Michael.

h west said...

LOVE this picture!!!