August 9, 2010

Pianos & bicycles & ice cream

There are quite a few prettily painted pianos around town:'ve been riding our bicycles a lot's nice to go early in the morning, when it's cool. And this past week, we rode to several places: Trader Joe's, Old Navy, Graeter's, to play a piano in the park, go to Gordon Food Service...We found out that Olivia won 3rd place in the Graeter's coloring contest!!!For drawing this...the prompt for the first space: what do you think Graeter's was like 140 years ago? She drew a log cabin shop...and the second space: what do you think Graeter's will be like in 140 years? Olivia drew people floating in bubbles to the modern shop!
She got a $10 gift card and bought herself a Graeter's teddy bear with t-shirt and got a strawberry milkshake. Hannah got cookies and cream in a milkshake. Rob got a butter pecan cone. I got a caramel malt. Decadence! Almost too sweet.
We went to the Newport Aquarium...they have a deal going on until September 3rd, adult admission $22 and 2 children get in FREE between 4-7pm. I especially liked the giant crabs, the seahorses, jellyfish and petting the sharks...both the girls did, too! It was very cool good thing to do on a record HOT day...supposed to get to 100'F this week, I wonder what the heat index would say, because it's really humid and feels hotter.


elizabeth said...


Mimi said...

Congratulations! I know where she gets her artistic talent!

Michelle M. said...

Way to go, Olivia! What smart girlies you have :) I am starting to get excited to see you guys in a few weeks.

Meadowlark Days said...

It looks like you've been having a delightful summer! Family, food, and fun...ahhh.

EmilyRSPS said...

:D :D :D :D Congratulations to your daughter!!!

I've been meaning to go find some of those pianos! It has just been too hot! This next week should be better :D

Jim said...

cool picture! It must have been lots of fun!