January 26, 2011

Matroshka cake pops

What a little darling...and she was scrumptious!
I got the edible color markers from Wilton at Joann's...and will try another kind of marker next time, they just don't write very easily on the oily chocolate. I used the white Wilton candy melts, which were $2.99 and got a package of 50 lollipop sticks also from Wilton.
Olivia thought it was too hard to draw on them, so sprinkled hers!
I know you'll want the recipe: used a homemade cake and made the icing using butter, cream cheese, and confectioner sugar. The thing is you can mould it into any shape you want, dip it into the melted chocolate and decorate into cute stuff! Let me know if you make them...and have fun!!!


Wendy said...

So Adorable!

Rosemary said...

These are terrific looking, so cute! It also looks like it was fun to do!

Amber said...

Those are amazing!!!!!!!

jcarsi said...

Will definitely give this a try! Thanks!

stacey said...

I LOVE THESE!!!! I have got to try this with Josh.

(- great picture Pretty Momma:)

Allison said...

she's so cute! she looks delicious, too.