February 28, 2011

We're reading "Swiss Family Robinson"

A beautiful old copy that was given to my dad by his grandparents when he was 11.
Just last week, my dad started reading this aloud, then I took a turn, my mom...and Rob. We're thoroughly enjoying this book. Lots of faith. A bit wordy and the language is difficult to understand at times, but makes all the more interesting to discuss together!
Look at what's just inside the cover...the inscription is very sweet...I remember my great-grandparents as really fun and smart! My great-grandfather passed away when he was 101. I remember his 100th birthday party...I had just broken my arm from a skiing adventure (thankfully my whole family was there)...and his house was full of relatives...lots of his interesting antiques, snow outside...we all decided to build an igloo together!


h west said...

Wow. What a cool book (in title and your particular copy)! And thanks for that great recipe in the post before. I'll have to try that one. Can't go wrong with bacon!!!

Allison said...

you've got such sweet memories to go along with this book and it looks like your kids will, too.

Mimi said...

I love that book. I've not read it since I was a kid, though. It'd be neat to re-read it.

Oddly, I just came across the film version the other day (half-way through) and watched the end.

The scene that is so emblazoned in my head is the beginning when they bring the livestock onshore with the barrels to help float them.