November 14, 2011

online Scrabble

I played a game of online Scrabble for the first time ever this past week...with my mom and sister in Canada. AND I won. Beginner's luck? I got the Z and J. They're worth a lot of points. I love playing Scrabble (well, any word game...have any of you played Jotto?) in real life, too. This past Friday night, I went to one of the art studios and set up a table with other artists...I sold my papier mache birds and cards. The one with glasses had to have a book. My mom ended up buying this one from me.

Please keep my dad (Paul) in your prayers, he has had a difficult week, voice therapy 3x a week and medication pattern evident, so no one knows how to find the perfect balance.
* I love that he always smiles, even though he doesn't feel good.


Mimi said...

Congratulations! I'd love to play Scrabble with you someday.

And, be assured of my prayers for your dear dad.

Marfa said...

Thanks, Mimi!

Wendy said...

The bird and book are adorable, Martha! I can't remember: do you have an Etsy page?

Shirley Bragg said...

I must tell my daughter about online scrabble. She loves it and can beat the pants off of her father and me.

And I will be thinking about your dad too. :)

elizabeth said...

love and prayers!!