November 21, 2011

Our first backyard eggs!!!

Saturday my husband found 3 eggs in the straw nesting area...I'm pretty sure it was Nutmeg the Rhode Island Red because she's a little bigger and the eggs were brown. Clementine is the Ameraucana and will lay greenish-blue eggs. Later, Hannah went out and discovered another egg. This morning, Olivia took our dog, Lusy, outside and found another egg! We ate them this morning over-easy with toast and butter. Mmmm.


Valerie said...

How exciting, Marfa! What a fine discovery. Now you will have regular fresh eggs, so many that you will even be able to share with your neighbors. We have talked about getting some chickens, but we live on a canyon, and are worried about the wildlife that will hunt them. I do so envy your new fresh egg supply :o)
x, Val

elizabeth said...

What a blessing! Real example of the Lord's daily provision :)

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your chickens and fresh eggs! Sounds like a good morning.

Urban Girl said...

oh congrats! love that you have your own eggs now!