May 23, 2012

As tall as an onion...

Well, she's almost as tall as the tallest onion...I love how the tops of them are like raindrops and then they open up into a beautiful round flower.  (Olivia is still 8 years old...for a mere 6 more days.)
Big beautiful maple tree at Coney Island, right next to the Ohio River.  We couldn't climb it, but we tried, we just walked around it and admired it.  Looks like it may actually be 3 trees that twisted together as they grew.  I wonder if man had a hand in it or if it's just nature?  ♥

  • 13 years ago I spent the whole month of May with my sister, Mary, in Russia.  I cut her hair while there, really short.  She didn't like it.  I still feel bad about it, but she did look pretty!  
  • 11 years ago I was expecting my first daughter, and 9 years ago at this time, my husband had just gotten home from Iraq and we were awaiting the arrival of our second daughter 
  • 9 years ago was also when my father was diagnosed as having Parkinson's disease.  Since then, we moved from Georgia back to Ohio and my father's health has gotten worse, but we are so glad to be involved in his life, and my mom...  This year, we are doing a 5k for Parkinson's disease in a couple of weeks!  


Mimi said...

The Ohio River is near Coney Island? I'm off to Google Maps this, I had no idea.

Anyway, cool onions!

Mimi said...

Ah, done Googling, I see the confusion :)

Michelle M. said...

Happy *almost* birthday to Olivia!

Anonymous said...

That maple tree is absolutely awesome!!!

Freedom Five said...

wow! rad tree!