May 7, 2012

St. George in Cincinnati

Yesterday morning, we went to St. George's (you can see the sign on the right hand side in the photo above that my sister, Susanna painted) and the feast of St. George is always on May 6 (which is really April 23 old calendar), so it's not often on a Sunday.  My girls are wearing the pink and blue sweaters and standing on the steps...waiting for Bishop Peter, who came from Chicago for our feast day.
You will want to turn off the music on the sidebar on the right before you watch these video clips:
I put more photos on Facebook!  For privacy, though, I use a pseudonym there...and honestly, I love that I can look at photos and keep in touch with friends and family who don't live nearby, but am considering leaving it, because I'm so frustrated with the Facebook Timeline that I was automatically switched to....I do not like changes!
And Zizi who is from Georgia (the country) made her most scrumptious light and creamy caramel cake for afterwards!  I must get her recipe.  ♥  The photo doesn't do it justice...

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Mimi said...

Beautiful photos! Happy Feast!