October 8, 2012

Ottawa, Ontario

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving.  I wish we celebrated it in October instead of November in America, because really it is the end of the harvest, we get very little out of our garden next month.
I am giving thanks for having such a wonderful family (and getting to meet the newest addition to our family, Elizabeth, who is 2 months old today, my sister's baby) and our garden, of good foods to eat!  Here are pictures of our time in Ottawa:
We stopped by the farmer's market and bought apple cider, zucchini, broccoli, local cheese and some deer sausage.
Yes, we found snow.  I dreamed that it was snowing the night before...
 I've never seen black squirrels, but they exist here, SO many of them:


Mom said...

Beautiful photos. Wish we could be there as well. I know that snow is from the ice rink on the walk by Mary and Andreys house. So it's not really snow, but ice.

Mama Shara said...

OH! The tree colours, the snow! Amazing :)

elizabeth said...

how lovely!! I do miss my Ottawa! wonderful to see so many pictures! enjoy your time there for Thanksgiving!

Jeannette said...

Lovely photos to see...thank you for sharing for sharing these.