October 10, 2012

Gatineau, Quebec

It's amazing how things changed when we left the province of Ontario and headed into Quebec, signs and billboard advertisements are not in English, but all in French.  I know we're in a different country, but I feel like quite a foreigner!

We went to Gatineau Park and hiked around Pink Lake, about 3 km.  A lot of huge rocks surrounding the lake, so the terrain is not as easy path, but they've built steps so that the steep areas of the hike are easier. 


Mama Shara said...

Here, you don't even need to leave the state, tourism is such big business in Queensland that in places like Cairns and the Gold Coast all the signs are in English/Japanese. I hope your having a wonderful time!! Kaleb's always wanted to go to Canada, but I'd rather visit the US!

elizabeth said...

so good to see such familiar faces :) yes, Canada is really a different country and you really feel it in Ottawa and in Quebec! lovely; I miss hearing French here but it is quite an adjustment when just being introduced to it all! :)

Jeannette said...

km not are adapting already!

Michelle M. said...

Beautiful photos! I have yet to visit that area of Canada. It looks lovely!