January 14, 2013

Baking for St. Basil's day

 Here is the loaf before baking:
And nice and browned afterwards...  My sister, who is visiting from Canada, got the gold coin in her slice of bread!!!  ♥
(See previous post for recipe for this St. Basil's day bread, if you missed it!)
Olivia bought herself a pair of roller skates, yes, the old-fashioned kind.  Hannah has been using my rollerblades, as she wears an adult size 5 now.  I also love to skate.  I remember the days when my husband used to skateboard.
All the snow has melted in southern Ohio.  We're hoping for more.  It was really warm this past week, but got really cold again today!  The weather is so fickle.  I wish it were truly winter, and would just stay cold.
Tonight we're sipping hot tea and playing Scrabble. 


Michelle M. said...

Your loaf is beautiful! Glorious feast to you!

Mama Shara said...

The weather has been over the top here, hotter than normal. And no rain in a very long time. One of our two tanks has gone dry :( Yesterday a cool change came through and we got a little rain. We are praying for more, though, and for our whole country, we need to douse those bushfires!

We got Scrabble for Christmas, but lately I have been falling into bed as soon as the children are asleep, so we haven't had a chance to play yet!

elizabeth said...

how lovely!

Maria said...

What a lovely loaf!

Rosemary said...

Your loaf looks so delicious, I think I can smell it cooling! LOL

I think sitting inside with loved ones playing Scrabble and sipping tea sounds marvelous!