January 16, 2013

Family of 18

My parents in the middle...their 4 daughters (and their husbands and children)!  ♥  The oldest is 67 years old and the youngest is 5 months.  Last week we were all together, all 18 of us, now everyone is back in their homes, one family in Portland, Oregon and another in Ottawa, Canada, and the rest of in Ohio.
My dear husband and my nephew Isaac.  It was warm last week, 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  My sister's husband who is Canadian keeps me on my toes, when he tells me the temperature in it was almost 20.  The kids actually ran around barefoot, climbing trees, no jackets, although it had snowed the week previous.

Now we are back to the cold weather (more typical of January in Ohio), it was 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which is like -1 degrees Celsius.  We went rollerskating together and then came inside and had hot tea and doughnuts in honor of my niece Juliana's saints day!  It is like a birthday to us.

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priest's wife said...

my family is a bit like yours- Candian in-laws, etc (except there are 4 sisters 1 brother- and 24 grandkids so far!)