August 30, 2013

Chickens, concert, the Cutchens and chocolate covered cheesecakes...

 Summer evening concert in the park.  I ♥ all the folks dancing the two-step.
Hannah practicing the guitar.  She's getting very good at playing "Boulevard of Broken Dreams."  And Olivia is getting better at doing handstands!
I woke up to see the chickens on the deck by the back door yesterday.  They're so funny, but we also are not happy with how many tomatoes they've taken.  So, we're keeping them in the coop.

We're trying to weave with a hula hoop.  Maybe you've seen the project on Pinterest?  It inspired me, but oh man it's harder than it looks!  I actually used yarn to make the weft and am using an old pink t-shirt that I cut up into strips to weave.

Yesterday, we had some friends from Hawaii come for lunch...the Cutchens!!!  We had a really nice time and wish we could've spent more time together, to play a game of Life or chess.   I wish I'd taken a picture of their license plate!
Making chocolate covered mini cheesecakes with a friend, Maryna.
 And her darling little baby boy, with his icon of St. Timothy.


Jeannette said...

A very colorful post...the color of warmth and joy.

Michelle M. said...

I'd love to see the finished project of that hule hoop project!

It looks like you've all had a lot of fun recently :)

Jeannette said...

RE: your comment on the appreciated rock...Yes, isn't it interesting how much the painting evokes...perhaps it is the appreciative eye, the human touch responding to the Creator's beauty in Creation that makes a painting pop over a photo!