September 9, 2013

63 years old today

That's Dad sitting on his mom's lap when he was just 1 year old.  Isn't his mom beautiful?  And in the middle is his father, who looks very much the same and he is 90 now!  We were looking at some old pictures last week.  One my sister took about 20 years ago of Dad next to his shiny red Mack truck.  He was a truck driver for much of his life, in addition to being a priest.  He got a degree in accounting and work in that field was not to his liking, I think too many people wanting him to adjust things so that they could cheat and make more $.  I remember when we lived in Vermont, he took me several times in his big truck to pick up milk from farms.  I loved trying the fresh milk and seeing all the farm cats and kittens gather to lick up any drips of milk.  When he wasn't working, he was home, playing tennis with his kids, going on hikes, camping with us...  He worked hard all his life.  Today is Dad's 63rd birthday!!!
My father holding the Holy Communion on Sunday Oct. 2, 2010 in his favorite Greek vestments, that are blue and white.  
This is our whole family, Dad in the center, Mom behind him, me and their other 3 daughters and our children, a total of 18 of us, photo taken by my brother-in-law's father in January 2013.
My sisters and I pitched in and bought Dad a TV (the first one he's had in about 20 years)!  When his Parkinson's disease started getting worse, he and Mom decided to subscribe to Netflix, which is really great, because he can choose what he wants to watch (they like nature programs a lot, and below the first thing they chose to watch was an Irish film). 


Heather said...

These are great photos! What a big family came from that one little baby boy (well, and that baby boy's wife to of course!) happy birthday to your father!~

Mama Shara said...

Happy Birthday to your Dear Dad!

Martha said...

Thank you, Heather and Shara! ♥ He and my mom had a great did we.

Laura said...

What a sweet family! Your story reminds me of a story my grandfather used to tell: he used to deliver milk to a bread factory. He'd drink fresh milk and day old bread after the delivery. Sweet memories!