October 14, 2013

Gem City Feis (Irish dancing)

Hannah and Olivia wore their McGing school dresses to the feis (pronounced "fesh"), new clip-on earrings with gems, that they got at the first feis they went to in July.  We also got a wig for Olivia there (we'd curled her hair before and we have to put them in 24 hours before she dances, it takes a good hour to put in 40 curlers with gel).  It was her 1st time wearing it and she was anxious to take it you can see below, she took it off as soon as possible. 
Both Hannah and Olivia chose to dance the reel and light jig.  Hannah got two 5th place ribbons.  Here is a video of her doing her reel:
Olivia didn't place in the reel, but got 3rd place in her light jig, which means she moves up a level to novice!  They both competed against about 10 girls their age and at their level of competition.  Hannah didn't compete against any of her friends, they are all a year younger than her, or in a different level, but they watched and cheered one another on...
Olivia did compete against one of her friends, but it was a friendly competition.  Some people can get very competitive.  I don't ever want us to get like that.  It's just for fun. 
Each stage where they danced has an accordian player, playing music live for the dancers.   It was beautiful music.
Next month, we're going to Michigan for another competition, as Hannah was invited to be a part of an 8 hand team! 


Myrnas Journey blog said...

Looking so cutee.. & you dress is so fabulous.

Apseed I said...

I'm just speechless! She dances so professionally!
You should be very proud of your girls:)

Martha said...

Thanks, Ira! ♥

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is really cool! I'm a Scottish dancer, but I also really enjoy watching Irish dance.

As a side note, I saw that you are the daughter of a Russian Orthodox priest. Have you heard of It's like a facebook but for Orthodox Christians and Orthodox Christian seekers.