October 28, 2013

Swan Lake

We went to see Swan Lake yesterday after church:
Can I critique it?  Even though I'm not a dancer, I think so.
I'm glad we had a chance to see this work of art, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (my husband and I especially noticed the oboe solo, trumpet, the harp was huge and acoustics amazing so that the sound floated up to our balcony, still as it must sound next to the musicians) playing the pieces by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875.  Something that has been around and is still being performed 100 years later is amazing.
It was beautiful, the movement, costumes and the set, except for the stage floor.  It was black spongy material that they use in my daughter's dance studio for practicing on...and I assume it must be used for safety of the dancers, but the squeaks that the dancers made as they pivoted was not pleasant.
As we left, we talked about the dancers, their muscles, their they must have blisters, the amount of work they put into this to make it.
Overall, it was definitely worth it.  Seeing the human body move in such graceful ways to express so much without words!
And a surprise at the very end.  The ballerina who played the white swan was given roses by a young man who walked on stage, and then got down on one knee and proposed to her!  ♥  She kissed him and jumped up and down in a very elegant way to express "yes," without words.  So sweet.


Mama Shara said...

I've never been to the ballet, but it's certainly on my bucket list! I did once go to the opera, and it was an experience to remember!

elizabeth said...

that would be interesting; always nice to hear what you are up to!